How I complete a project

Step 1 - Quotation

The first step is having a consultation to work out all the requirements. Then I will provide you solutions with pricing.

Step 2 - Workshop

If the project is "biggish", I will need one or more workshops with you to discuss the details in depth. This can take the uncertainty out. Then, I will deliver the results as expected within budget and timeline.

Process - Workshop

Step 3 - Design

In this step, I will provide visual designs. You can even interact with the components. This will help you to pick up all the issues in the early stage. So I can make adjustments without changing the budget.

Process - Design

Step 4 - Development
Process - Development

Once you are happy with the designs, I will implement everything as agreed.

Process - Testing

After everything is finished, you will get the chance to test. I will fix all the bugs if there are any.

Step 5 - Deployment and support
Process - Deployment

I do deployments and manage servers. The go-live process will be very smooth.

Process - Casual work

The completion of a project is just a new beginning. I provide supports to ensure everything will be running as expected.

Process - Bug fixing

To give you peace of mind. If any issues are caused by my side, I will make sure to resolve them as soon as possible and free of charge.

Process - Annual costs
Annual cost

I don't have any hidden fees. All the costs will be discussed and agreed upfront.

Process - Amendments
Add new functionalities

Want an upgrade? No problem! I will make the things happen with priority.

Process - Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfication

I have been in this industry for more than 10 years. I always make sure all my customers are happy with the quality service.